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journal entry owen plotkin

first no step taken.
first see the rescue.
first see the path away
from rescue
the path to
breath. unfettered
slack jaw’d
open mouth heart
breathing. breath.
to air taken
and deserved.

– June 27 2015

dance © owen plotkin

When we dance
in the very large ballroom
like planets gone
and the court
is pleased
our orbits in
tell me again
all is well
as you pass
and the path
is open
the universe
knows my name
and it is wide open

my little garden © owen plotkin journal

owen plotkin journal

My little garden
here I am
my dear little garden
be mine.
you are quiet and
you are patient
you ask little,
just room to grow
my little garden
in a little space
your green, delights
your color, magnetic.
your fragrance,
is subtle, seductive
to bees.
You live and bloom
bloom again and die
and live again.
Each day, with sleeping
and coming awake, we live
like a garden. Only, finite.


Daily Practice. journal entry. owen plotkin

Daily practice
A faulty instrument
behind a door propped up in a broom closet
a clarinet with bad posture
singing like Rauschenberg’s goat
shamed,splattered with paint,decaying
and humiliated by an old tire.
And celebrated? A prize in the
permanent collection. A shadow
phantom earlier self, circles the antique
modern self of now. What song is this?
What rough soulful sound?

If There Is A Tree Left On Earth – © owen plotkin

“Follow back.Follow me.I search my phone for a tree.” If There Is A Tree Left On Earth – © owen plotkin